How to Level Up Quickly in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Although Dragon Quest Builders 2 is primarily focused on building, levelling up becomes quite important in certain moments of the game.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t really give too much advice on how to level up, or what the perks to levelling up are. Here’s everything you need to know about how to level up quickly.

Within Dragon Quest Builders 2, levelling up provides many different benefits. Your character’s HP will increase, new items will become available, and it also provides the opportunity to create more powerful weapons.  


The easiest way to level up in Dragon Quest Builders 2 is through fighting enemies. Each enemy will provide a different amount of XP depending on how strong they are (which can be determined through their size). So go out and kill as many enemies as possible. 

Interestingly, Malroth (your companion) will follow your example and attack an enemy if you strike them first. Malroth is very powerful, and you can use him to help level up your own character. You can lead him to a strong enemy, attack it once, then run to a safe area (though not too far away as Malroth will simply follow you) and watch him take the enemies out for you. 

Not only will you gain XP for this as long as you’ve hit them once, but you’ll gain the same amount of XP as you would if you took the monster down yourself. 

Follow this system and you’ll be levelled up within no time.

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