How to Level Up Your Base in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Levelling up your base in Dragon Quest Builders 2 provides many benefits. But just how do you do it?

To level up your base in Dragon Quest Builders 2 forms an important part of your experience with the game. Doing so allows you to gain new perks and benefits.

You’ll receive new recipes and instructions, gain more members to the base, and the members of the base will work more efficiently. So, upgrading is pretty valuable then. Here’s everything you need to know about levelling up your base.


In order to be able to raise the base’s level you’ll need to collect yellow hearts. Yellow hearts are dropped by NPCs who are happy. You can earn more by completing tasks for NPCs – for more information, read our guide on yellow hearts in Dragon Quest Builders 2 here.

Once you’ve collected enough yellow hearts, a notice will appear saying the base can be upgraded. Go to the bell on the island, and ring it. This will initiate a short sequence where new followers will arrive, and will end in your base being levelled up. 

Levelling up your base is key in the progression to Dragon Quest Builders 2, so ensure you’re collecting those yellow hearts and improving your base whenever you can.

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