How to Sell Items in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

Got too much loot cluttering up your inventory in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot? Here’s how to sell it and make some gold in the process.

Ubisoft’s newest mobile game, Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, is all about adventuring through castles and amassing a whole lot of, well, loot. And as fabulous as that sweet, sweet loot is, you’ll undoubtedly end up with a tonne of stuff that you don’t need.

There are some ways to deal with items you don’t want. You can upgrade them to make them into something usable, or you can use them to upgrade other items. However, you can also sell your items to turn them into cold, hard gold. It’s something that Mighty Quest never tells you about. But it is there, hidden within the game.

First, head to the ‘Forge’ menu. At the top you’ll see a button that says ‘Inventory’. Clicking on this will bring up a list of all your stuff.

The first window shows all of your equipment. Use the buttons at the top to navigate to Fusion Orbs, Runes, and Promote Stones. You can’t sell Promote Stones and Fusion Orbs, so you can ignore those. But you can sell your equipment and any Runes you don’t want.

To sell your equipment, click the Recycle button at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to select the items you want to get rid of. Select the items you want, and you’ll see the coin value tally up at the bottom. Hit ‘recycle’ when you’re done.

To sell an item, it cannot be equipped to any of your character builds.

Different ranked items have different values. Items without any stars aren’t worth anything, but one-star items are worth 100 coins, two-star items are worth 200 coins, and so on. The value also depends on whether you’ve upgraded your item or not, but this seems to be rather random. For instance, I have a five-star Epic weapon that’s upgraded to level 15, which is worth 4,000 coins. But I also have a three-star standard helm at level 25 that’s worth 6,300 coins.

As for Runes, to sell these just click the one you want to get rid of and hit “sell”. Again, its value depends on what level and rank the Rune is. A one-star, level one Run is worth 180 Gold, but it seems to quickly increase: a one-star level 9 rune is worth 7,930 Gold, and a two-star level 10 run is worth a whopping 17,650 gold.

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