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London Detective Mysteria Finds a Loving Home on PC

Romancing hot guys couldn’t possibly be as hard as it sounds, right?

There’s a million dating simulators out there so it can be pretty hard to stand out among competitors. Back in January, I reviewed London Detective Mysteria from Karin Entertainment; a romance visual novel with its emphasis very much on the R-O-M-A-N-C-E.

Since then I’ve played through most of the different paths, romancing boys from famous literature, but I was excited to hear about its PC release so I could jump back in and try to get a couple of the endings I hadn’t been able to yet.

London Detective Mysteria tells the story of Lady Emily Whitley, a young woman growing up in high society London, just about to officially come out to society. Along with being the most proper lady she can be – most of the time, anyway – Emily also has a bit of a detective’s nose. When the Queen’s precious cat escapes, Emily helps the sons of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson to find the cat. Due to her expertise, Emily is sent to the finest detective school to hone her skills and attempt to become the greatest detective in all of London.

Of course, Harrington Academy, the prestigious detective school, is home to a variety of attractive, intelligent, and oh-so-single boys just begging to be romanced. As you solve mysteries in London Detective Mysteria, you’ll be spending your free time romancing the likes of Sherlock Holmes Jr. and John Watson Jr., John Lupine, Kenichirou Akechi and even Jack the Ripper. Each boy has his own unique events that will unfold as you progress down their particular path, so even though some events are the same every time, it’s different enough that the story doesn’t drag on every time you play through.

London Detective Mysteria finds a welcome home on the PC. Anyone that has played any visual novels similar to it will find the controls to be just as simplistic. And the 19th century inspired art style look just as lovely on a computer screen as they do on a hand held console. After multiple playthroughs, London Detective Mysteria still holds up as a great visual novel, and now it’s on PC there’s no better time to give it a try.

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