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Mighty Quest For Epic Loot: How to Complete Epic Pass Week 4 Missions

Wondering how to complete the missions in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’s week four missions? Here’s everything you need to know.

Mobile game Mighty Quest packs in a lot of different challenges for players to complete. Some of the most lucrative of those are part of the Epic Pass.

Each week, new missions are posted, and they offer a lot of rewards to reap. However: the missions are often listed in the form of riddles, and not all of them are too obvious to complete.

Here’s each mission, and what you need to do to complete them. Don’t worry if you don’t complete them all before Week 4 is over; they’ll remain accessible for the duration of Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’s Season 1 (which lasts until mid-September).

Still not completed some missions from week one and two? Never fear: we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to week one, our guide to week two, and our guide to week three.

I heard Charging Charles is taunting you… Show him your 3 Star set.

Charging Charles is the Act 4 boss – that means you need to head to Act 4, level 10 to kill him. You need to have only 3-star items equipped though. That means you may need to upgrade some items before you’re able to complete this.

Bring me some fine Looters’ souls.

For this one, you need to head to the Arena, Mighty Quest‘s PvP multiplayer mode. You don’t need to win any matches – you just need to accumulate 20 kills. It may take you a few days to complete this, since you only get three attempts at the Arena before you need to wait for your tries to refill.

Combine like a boss and show me a 4 Star result.

You need to combine together two three-star items, which will result in a 4-star item. Remember, to combine items they both need to be max level.

Put some more space between you and these chicken. Shock them.

For this one, you’ll need to use a specific skill and talent combination. Equip the ‘Shockwave’ skill, which pushes enemies away (i.e. puts more space between you). Then, equip the ‘Dazing Blast’ talent, which stuns pushed away enemies. Head to Act 1, level 1 which has a lot of chickens. Kill them only using your Shockwave skill. You need to kill 30 chickens in total.

Monsters from Castle 6-5 are making Waves… Make sure they get quiet.

This one is nice and easy: simply complete Act 6, level 5. You don’t even need to run through the level: using an auto-win ticket will do it.

Combined Gear items can generate a Set Gear. Prove it to me.

This one is rather down to luck. When you combine two items, there’s a chance that the resulting item will be part of a set. Your items need to be at least two stars. If you head to the ‘Combine’ menu in the Forge and place in one combinable item, you’ll be able to see the possible resulting items. Ensure there’s at least one set item available before you proceed. Good luck!

Success is making your fat. Time for some gym!

For this one, you need to roll 55 times. To roll, you simply swipe in any direction. It doesn’t matter what level you complete this on: just go roll around!

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