Mountain-Biking Game Descenders is Coming to Switch

Is a game even a game if it doesn’t eventually come to Nintendo Switch?

The latest game announced to be getting ported to Nintendo’s popular hybrid handheld is No More Robots and RageSquid’s Descenders, an extreme mountain biking game.

Descenders originally released into Early Access on PC and Xbox One back in 2018, before getting a full release in May this year. Putting together procedurally-generated tracks and high-octane extreme downhill freeriding, Descenders channels the spirit of older action sports games like SSX Tricky. And for any fan of that type of game, it’s well worth a visit.


Since the game’s early access launch, it’s had an impressive 600,000+ players, with Steam users giving it a “Very Positive” rating. We were pretty impressed with it ourselves when trying it at release, saying:

“I love the soundtrack and the feel of the game. It’s electric in every moment. As you travel from stage to stage, you get to pick your next track. They are rated on scales of steepness, curves, and stunts. You can try and stay with the timid tracks for most of your trip, but you’ll probably be stuck with a tough track before the final level. Each final track of each environment incorporates a ‘boss jump’, which is really cool. Leading up to that moment, every bail costs you one life – it’s a constant give-and-take to make sure you have spare lives for the final level. The pacing and speed of the actual gameplay in Descenders is great, there’s no denying that.”

If you’re yet to take Descenders out for a spin yourself, perhaps you’ll want to wait until you can get your hands on the Switch version, allowing you to play the game wherever you’d like. There’s no firm release date just yet, but we can expect to see it before the end of 2019.