New Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer Reveals Monsters, Old Phones, and One Good Dog

Blair Witch

While there were a fair few surprises at this year’s E3, not many of them come close to the reveal of a Blair Witch game.

While the initial reveal had people wondering if we were about to see Alan Wake 2, instead the twist of the trailer revealed it to be a game based on the cult classic film that came out two decades ago.

Well, we’ve been gifted with a new trailer, one that not only shows gameplay, but that also manages to look absolutely horrifying. This is in part due to the OG phone we get shown in the beginning, but also thanks to the creepy monsters we see very briefly dotted throughout the new footage.


Perhaps the most unsettling thing we see is a monster seemingly moving at high speed between trees. It moves almost as if it’s on a broken VHS tape, which is very fitting given the found footage nature of the films. When you then add in the hints at some time-bending trickery going on, and then the jump scare at the very end of the trailer, you’ve got one seriously creepy Blair Witch trailer.

While this is a gameplay trailer, it doesn’t give us much to go on. There are no action scenes or any real feeling of what the player will be doing outside of walking around and using certain items. That being said, it does show off your ability to interact with your dog, Bullet.

Through a command wheel of sorts, it looks like you can get Bullet to dig, seek, and a few other things. Plus – and this is the most important aspect of any game these days – you can pet him.

People were expecting to be exploring and walking around, so nothing that’s been shown here is really revolutionary. It all very much fits with the games that Bloober Team is known for, like Layers of Fear. 

How things will pan out will be interesting to see. If the game ends up feeling like a new coat of paint on an existing horror format, then players might be a little irked. We’ll find out when Blair Witch releases August 30th.