Nintendo Finally Announces its Handheld-Only Switch Model

Switch Lite

Nintendo has finally announced its long-rumoured handheld-only Switch model, and it’s called the Switch Lite.

Arriving on 20th September, the Switch Lite will be available in three colours – yellow, grey and turquoise – and it will cost $199.99. A UK price is yet to be announced.

Being a handheld-only device, it does not support output to a TV and isn’t compatible with the Nintendo Switch dock. As a result, you can’t play Switch games on it that don’t support handheld mode. Well, at least not without spending some more money.

If you already have a pair of Joy-Cons or don’t mind buying some, you’ll be able to play games that don’t support handheld mode with those. Though of course, you’ll also need a method of charging those Joy-Cons. Games that support Joy-Con features such as HD Rumble, IR Motion Camera and Joy-Con Motion Sensors will also require Joy-Cons to use those functions.

Switch Lite (1)

On the positive side, the Switch Lite looks absolutely lovely, and actually has a proper d-pad. We haven’t laid our hands on one yet, but it looks much more ergonomic to hold and is more than 25% lighter than a Switch with Joy-Cons attached. And though the screen is a bit smaller, you won’t really notice. It’s 5.5 inch, so it’s only 0.7 inch smaller.

You can find more information about the Switch Lite on the Nintendo website. And you’ve now got just over two months to save up for one.