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Out Tomorrow, Gorytale is a Brutal and Hilarious FPS Set in a Candyland

Fed up of first person shooters being all about soldiers, aliens or monsters? Gorytale wants to change that – by setting itself in a bright and happy candyland.

Out tomorrow on Steam, Gorytale is developed by NYAARGH!, and combines typical FPS mechanics, irreverent humour and a deliciously happy setting in the hope of creating something quite different.

It’s not particularly polished around the edges; but what Gorytale lacks in finesse, it hopes to make up for in humour. You’ll traverse around bright and bold locations, decorated with candy and lollipops, fighting against enemies shaped like marshmallows, doughnuts and watermelon slices, to name just a few.

Don’t let its cute exterior put you off though: Gorytale is designed to be difficult. As harmless as those marshmallows look, give them the opportunity to get too close to you and they’ll cause some serious damage.

Oh, and pressing the right mouse button causes your character to stick up his middle finger and proclaim “F*CK YOU!”. What more could you possibly want from an FPS?

Gorytale is available on PC from tomorrow, priced at $5.99.

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