Redeemer: Enhanced Edition Hitting Consoles and PC This Month

Redeemer Header

We weren’t overly impressed by Redeemer when it released on PC nearly two years ago.

Developer Sobaka Studio is hoping that the title is received better after some additional work, however, with Redeemer: Enhanced Edition due for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 19th July.

A violent top-down brawler, the enhanced edition of Redeemer adds in the choice of two character classes as well as 50 new perks, a levelling system and local co-op. Some of the game’s levels have also been tweaked for better balance. On paper, it does sound like the game will be much improved.

Console pricing has not yet been announced, but the standard version of Redeemer currently has an RRP of £10.99/$14.99 on Steam. It’s on offer until 9th July though, meaning you can pick it up for just £1.09/$1.49. Anyone who owns the standard version of Redeemer on Steam will receive the enhanced edition for free when it launches.