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Redeemer: Enhanced Edition on Console Has PC-Like Graphics Options

Thanks to mid-gen console refreshes, we’re now used to games having options to prioritise performance of visual splendour.

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition, released today on PS4, Xbox One and Switch, goes one step further, however, offering graphical options usually only found in PC games.

I’ve been playing Redeemer: Enhanced Edition on Xbox One X for the last few days, and found its graphical options very intriguing. While you can’t change the resolution, the quality of textures, or turn v-sync on or off – all options you’d usually find in a PC graphics menu – you can tweak numerous advanced settings that dramatically change how the game looks and performs.

Anti-aliasing, post processing and shadows can all be set at low, average, high or epic, while depth of field, motion blur and chromatic abberation can be toggled on or off. With everything set to low, Redeemer: Enhanced Edition flies on Xbox One X, though while it isn’t quite an eyesore, everything looks flat. Crank everything on/up to epic, however, and Redeemer: Enhanced Edition looks much nicer. It’s just a shame that as you progress further into the game, performance issues crop up now and again.

Redeemer - Enhanced Edition

Honestly, I’d like more games to follow Redeemer: Enhanced Edition‘s lead. Some may find it a bit fiddly, but let players themselves decide whether certain visual flourishes are worth the performance hit or not. Some are happy playing at 30 fps if it means their eyeballs are sufficiently stimulated; others prefer the smooth 60 fps feel over eye candy. Neither are wrong. So, developers, give us more graphical options in console games in the future, please.

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