Shawn Ashmore Talks Man of Medan in Behind The Scenes Videos

The first game in a new Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan is set to release on 30th August this year.

From Supermassive Games, the team behind the very excellent Until Dawn, Man of Medan is a horror in a similar vein. This time, though, the action takes place at sea. A group of friends set out to find a rumoured World War II wreckage – but what starts out as an exciting trip with plenty of partying soon turns into a nightmare. Cue ghost ships, jump scares and plenty of terror.

Among the cast of Man of Medan is Shawn Ashmore, known best for his role on television in The Following, and in games as Quantum Break‘s Jack Joyce. In a two-part making-of series released by Bandai Namco, Ashmore talks about his character, Conrad. He goes into detail about Conrad’s character, how the player can shape him through choices they make, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at how his likeness was put into the game.

Together, both videos are about nine minutes long, so are well worth taking some time out to give them a watch. There’s of course plenty of in-game footage from Man of Medan interspersed between – just enough to whet your appetite for the game before it launches next month. We got hands-on with an early build of the game last year and we absolutely loved what we saw.

The videos are available on Bandai Namco’s YouTube channel, or you can watch ’em from the embeds below. Pre-order Man of Medan now on PS4 or Xbox One before its release on 30th August.