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SolSeraph Achievement/Trophy Guide

SolSeraph 3 (1)

SolSeraph isn’t a great game, but it’s unique enough that you might want to give it a go.

We’ve battled our way through it with gritted teeth; a desire to see it through to its end overcoming the frequent frustration felt upon failing a platforming stage. And so we thought we’d put together an achievement/trophy guide to help those also making their through it. If you’re going to play it, you might as well boost your gamer cred at the same time!

So, without further ado, please find the name of each SolSeraph achievement/trophy below, along with a description and how to unlock it. Though a word of warning, there will be spoilers.

Lord of Thorns and Amber

“Struck down the King of Trees”

This achievement/trophy is tied to your progress in SolSeraph so you can’t miss it. Simply clear the Plains of Widhu.

Mother of Thirst

“Struck down the Queen of Bones”

Another achievement/trophy that is tied to your progress. Make the Sekh Desert safe for this one.

Lord of Waves and Storms

“Struck down the King of Floods”

Yet another achievement/trophy that is tied to your progress in SolSeraph. Clear the Arunan Isles.

Lord of Embers

“Struck down the King of Fire”

And another achievement/trophy that is tied to your progress. Kill the King of Fire at Mount Agnir.

Lady of Despair

“Struck down the Queen of Ice”

Guess what? This is another achievement/trophy that is tied to your progress in SolSeraph. The Queen of Ice is pretty tricky, and you’ll find her at the Vale of Yeg.

Herald of Chaos

“Defeated the Knight of Dusk”

Had enough of these yet? Unlock this achievement/trophy by making progress in the game.  After beating all five of the previous bosses, head on over to Erebos. You can fight the Knight of Dusk there.

Bringer of peace

“Defeated the Manifestation of Chaos”

The last story-related achievement/trophy, we promise: After beating the Knight of Dusk, the world is plunged into darkness. You’re then able to access Nyx as it floats around above the ocean in the centre of the map. Go there, complete the first platforming stage which throws some boss rush bullshit at you, then you can fight the Manifestation of Chaos.

Bringer of Prosperity

“Led your people to build a town with at least 20 houses”

*Missable* This one sounds quite tricky, but actually it’s very easy. All you need to do is beat the boss of any location so that no more enemies are spawned. You’ll find that you can still build houses etc., so simply break down any defences as they’re no longer needed, and build as many houses as you can. You might just need to chop more wood if it’s needed, and also create some more farms to support your growing populace. Build 20 houses and the achievement/trophy will pop. You can even go back to a cleared location and do this one.

Destroyer of Legions

“Defeated 300 enemies while building a town”

*Missable* Chances are you might get this through normal play – 300 enemies isn’t really a lot considering how many get thrown at you in each wave. If you want to make sure you get it though, just build as many defences as you can and hold off assaulting a boss’ lair until you’ve got the achievement.

Protector of Flame

“Made sure the bonfire was not hit for 7 consecutive enemy waves”

*Missable* As first this might seem quite tricky, as flying enemies have a nasty habit of sometimes getting past your defences in SolSeraph. Once you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt, however, it’s pretty easy.

Simply develop your settlement as fast as you can, and place all the defences you can muster along the path to your bonfire. It’s a good idea to have multiple archer towers, as they’re really effective, and try to place magic towers where they might hit enemies on more than one path. Enemy waves will start off quite light and then get heavier as time goes on, but if you can keep bolstering your defences by obtaining more wood, building more houses and manning more defences, you should be able to manage it. Also, make use of your god powers. Lightning in particular is useful for thwarting the enemies that get a little too close to your bonfire for comfort. And place plenty of spikes to slow your enemies down.

He of Many Talents

“Used all of the sun god’s special abilities while in knight form”

*Missable* As you play through SolSeraph and defeat bosses, you’ll acquire a number of new abilities to use during platforming stages. The King of Trees will give you Healing, the Queen of Bones will give you Lightning, the King of Floods will give you Ocean, the King of Fire will give you Fire, and the Queen of Ice will give you Ice. All you need to do to unlock this achievement/trophy is make sure you use them all at least once. You really shouldn’t miss it.

He Who Bears No Scars

“Completed a combat level without being damaged”

*Missable* Perhaps the hardest achievement/trophy to unlock in Solseraph. All you have to do is complete a platforming section, large or small, without taking any damage. Thanks to an abundance of enemies and janky controls, however, it’s not an easy task. You’re best trying to unlock this once you’ve got a few magic abilities at your disposal, and try to do it on a smaller, wave-based stage. If you get hit, maybe quit and reload the game to give it another try. Once you’ve completed a level, you can’t do it again.

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