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Space Horror Moons of Madness Gets a 12 Minute Gameplay Trailer

In space, nobody can hear you screaming at your controller.

Space exploration meets Lovecraft in Moons of Madness, a sci-fi horror coming later this year from Funcom and Rock Pocket Games. First revealed in March, Funcom has now released a 12-minute gameplay video so we can all delight in the horrors that await. Watch it below:

Moons of Madness takes place in a research facility set on Mars. It combines the sci-fi genre with Lovecraftian horror – that means you can expect eerie tension, jump scares, and the ominous possibility that you’re perhaps just going mad.

You play as Shane Newehart, a technician based in the Martian research centre. You don’t have much security clearance, so you’re blissfully unaware of what’s going on around you. Well, to  begin with, anyway. It’s not long until terror overtakes your ignorance, as things start to malfunction, people go missing, and you start seeing things that may or may not be there.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, Moons of Madness will be releasing on PC, Xbox One and PS4 “during the Halloween season 2019”. Presumably, that means we’ll be going mad on Mars sometime in late October. It certainly looks like one to watch out for.

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