Tetris 99 is Getting a Physical Release Later This Year

Tetris 99 2 (1)

If you’re an avid collector of physical games, you’ll be happy to hear that the currently digital-only Tetris 99 is getting a physical release later this year.

Bundled with all the content from the Big Block DLC, Tetris 99 will be available in physical form in the West from 20th September. It will apparently also come with a 12 month Nintendo Online Individual Membership code.


Included in the Big Block DLC is a whole host of offline modes for the game. You can go up against 98 bots in CPU battle, play a more traditional game of Tetris in Marathon, fight against friends in Local Arena, and share Joy-Con controllers for a 2P Share Battle. A physical release would be pointless without these offline modes really.

There’s currently no indication as to how much the physical release of Tetris 99 will cost, but we can’t imagine it being expensive. The Big Block DLC is only £8.99/$9.99, while a 12 month Nintendo Online Individual Membership is £17.99/$19.99.