Tetsumo Party Brings the Craziness of Japanese Game Shows to Console and PC This Month

If you’ve ever seen a Japanese TV game show, or even just a clip of one on YouTube, you’ll know they’re pretty crazy.

Tetsumo Party from developer Monster Couch hopes to bring that joyous craziness onto our PCs and games consoles. Releasing next Friday, 26th July, Tetsumo Party is a local multiplayer party game that tasks players with controlling a sumo wrestler.

There’s no actual wrestling in sight, though. Oh no. Instead of using your character’s heft to defeat an opponent, you’ll instead be contorting them into a variety of weird and wonderful shapes. While you’re stood in place, walls will move towards you – each with a shape cut out of it. Before the wall reaches you, you need to ensure your sumo wrestler is in the right position in order to fit through the shape. Fail to do so and… well, you won’t be taking home the glory.


It’s a simple but fun idea that’s packed into an eyecatching, over-the-top package fit for airing on Japanese TV. It’s the ideal game to put on if you have friends over, allowing local multiplayer with up to eight players. Or if you just want to practice your moves, there’s a single-player mode too, where you can battle against CPU.

Tetsumo Party is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 26th July. Give the delightful trailer a watch below, and look out for more coverage from us closer to release.