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Tips For Getting Started in The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

You! Yes, you. Want to go on a MIGHTY QUEST FOR EPIC LOOT? Of course you do!

Ubisoft’s new mobile game lets you do just that. With a name like Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, you pretty much know what to expect: mighty quests followed by epic loot. And while going on quests and gathering that loot is a massive part of the gameplay, it’s not all the game has to offer.

Mighty Quest has just launched on iOS and Android. There are essentially two gameplay loops that will get you hooked, both which feed into each other. First, you’ll be running through castles/dungeons, killing enemies and collecting treasure. Second, you’ll be equipping your character with the best weapons and armour possible, upgrading what you’ve got.

To get the best weapons and armour possible, you need to run through more castles, and to run through more castles, you need the best weapons and armour possible. See where I’m going here? It’s an addictive loop that is deceptively deep for a mobile game.

There’s a lot to learn, and happily the app will walk you through the basics as you start. But getting the most out of Mighty Quest means becoming familiar with everything the game has to throw at you. And all of its menus, quests, modes and options can be a little overwhelming at first.

But fear not! We’ve put together this handy list of tips to help you on your way. Have fun on your mighty quest, and bring home that epic loot!

Collect all your rewards

Mighty Quest gives you a lot of rewards, and they come from a number of different places inside the app. Make sure you collect all of them. On the Quest page, you’ll pick up rewards for completing challenges in the ‘Events’ button, found at the top-left of the screen. There’s also daily challenges, which you’ll find by pressing the button that looks like a scroll. And don’t forget the season challenges to be found on the ‘Pass’ tab.

Clicking into ‘Adventure’ and bringing up each Act will also lead you to new rewards. At the top of each Act’s page you’ll find a button that tells you how many crowns you’ve collected within that act. You get rewards for getting 10, 20, then 30. Be sure to click into this to collect them!

Use auto run sparingly

A short while into playing Mighty Quest For Epic Loot you’ll unlock the ability to automatically run through castles. Inside a level, hit the ‘play’ button at the top of your screen, and your hero will head towards the end of the level without you having to press anything. Avoid using this as much as possible. The hero heads straight for the exit, missing out treasure chests and potential enemies. It’s handy on boss levels, and the second floor of a level which just tends to be filled with enemies – it saves you having to keep tapping. But on other levels where there’s treasure chests to be found, don’t bother using it.

Always aim for all the chests in a level

You’re awarded three ‘crowns’ for each level in Mighty Quest. One crown is for killing all the enemies, another is for collecting all the chests, and the third is for completing it in a set time (normally three minutes). Providing your character is strong enough to beat the level in the first place (if not, spend some time improving your gear!), completing within the time limit is rarely a problem. Always aim for all three chests on your first run through as it allows you to reap the rewards – and ‘auto-win’ the level in future run throughs when you just need to farm for loot.

Indulge in an epic chest once in a while

I’m not encouraging you to spend real money in Mighty Quest, but epic chests can be bought by using keys. These keys will be earned sparingly as you play the game. After a few days of playing, I had enough keys to open five or six chests, and it’s the only place those keys can be used. Epic chests give you a random item that’s guaranteed to be at least 3 stars, and often 4 or 5 stars. Certainly open one every so often once you’ve gathered enough keys. The reward is usually worth it.

Upgrade items often – but wisely

A large part of being successful in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is upgrading your gear. You can level up your equipment by using upgrade orbs or sacrificing other items. It’s a good idea to upgrade whatever you have equipped regularly, but do it wisely. Don’t use tier 2 or higher upgrade orbs on low-level items – save them for later on. It’s a good idea to use other low-level items in upgrades if you don’t want to keep them.

Beware of your energy meter

You can’t play Mighty Quest forever! There’s an energy meter, which typically allows you to complete 6-8 levels before you run out. You can buy more energy using gems (and you do earn enough gems naturally by playing the game to do this every so often), but it’s a good idea to pace yourself. Energy takes a few hours to refill, so don’t waste the energy you do have by replaying early levels if you don’t need to. Look at your current quests and see what you most need. Whether it be simply working your way through the latest castles or going back to farm some item you need most, think about how best to spend your time.

Remember that even when you’re out of energy, you can still complete daily trials, play in the arena and use the forge to upgrade your equipment.

Pick up your free chest every four hours

Hooray for free stuff! Head over to the store page every four hours to grab your free chest, no strings attached. This one doesn’t ever contain items, but it does contain gold, keys for higher-level chests, and upgrade orbs – all of which come in very handy. So don’t pass over free stuff.

Complete the daily trials for upgrade tokens and coins

On the ‘Quest’ page, you’ll find Trials. There are a few to choose from, some of which change over time, but two seem to be constant: Promote Stones Castles, and Gold Castle. You’ll get two or three tries of these a day, and they play much like standard levels except you’re guaranteed a reward of either Promote Stones or gold. Providing you complete them, of course. They start off easy, but you’ll unlock harder ones as you progress, allowing you to get more rewards. Make sure to visit these every day.

Equip and upgrade runes

Visit the Forge every so often to upgrade and tinker with your weapons. Early on, you’ll unlock runes, which can be placed in weapons to add a modifier to them. You’ll find runes as loot by playing. They come in different shapes, so not every rune can be equipped to every item. But when you do have some equipped, make sure to upgrade them. Annoyingly, upgrading these is a chance-based mechanic – you pay gold and it might upgrade, it might not. A little like when you visit Myriam in Diablo 3 to reroll an item’s stats. But it’s worth doing, as the perks of runes will increase your HP, your DPS and more.

Upgrade skills and talents

On the Hero screen of Mighty Quest, not only can you see all of your hero’s equipped items, but also their skills and talents, too. These unlock shortly after playing the game, and as you gain new levels, new skills and talents will unlock. Once they’re equipped, you can upgrade them both, making them more powerful and causing more damage. Do be sure to upgrade them regularly, as it can make a pretty mediocre skill into a super-powerful one.

Dabble in the arena

On the Quest menu, you’ll find the Arena – this is Mighty Quest‘s multiplayer offering. It’s worth playing now and then even if you aren’t into multiplayer competition. It’s a short 4-player PvP battle, and the person to rack up the most kills wins. Unlike most other online multiplayer games, Arena encourages players to steal kills. As long as you’re the person to land that finishing blow, you’ll get the win. Winning the Arena grants you decent rewards including upgrade cards and chest keys, so it’s worth playing a few games each day.

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