Upcoming Horror Game Man of Medan Goes Multiplayer

Supermassive Games’ horror hit Until Dawn was a single-player affair, but that didn’t stop players grouping together to enjoy it with friends.

It seems that the developer, along with publisher Bandai Namco, is going big on togetherness this time; the upcoming Man of Medan is getting two two separate multiplayer modes.

Releasing on 30th August, Man of Medan is a story-driven horror that forms the first part of a new series of games, The Dark Pictures Anthology. Taking control of a group of friends, players will find themselves aboard a haunted World War II ship. And just like Until Dawn, the decisions they make will determine who lives and who survives – if anyone.

The first of the newly-announced multiplayer modes is Shared Story mode. This allows two people to play together online, each taking control of a different character. It sounds a little like A Way Out in its execution. Each player will have a different perspective – one that will differ from single player – and will be able to make their own decisions independent from each other. Sometimes they’ll be on screen together; sometimes they’ll be off doing their own thing. Both sets of decisions will impact the experience for both, so it sounds like it’ll make for a very interesting way of playing.

The second multiplayer mode coming to Man of Medan is Movie Night mode. This is designed to be played locally with a group of up to five friends, each one choosing a character in-game to take control of. The idea is to pass the controller around, taking it in turns to make the game’s important decisions. If you’ve played Until Dawn with your friends, this is probably exactly how you did it.

Man of Medan promises a story that lasts around 4 hours, significantly shorter than Until Dawn. So it’s nice to know that there will be multiple ways to play, and a great reason to play through more than once. It releases on 30th August on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.