We Need These Borderlands 3 Ducks in Our Lives

Borderlands 3 is now just over a couple of months away, and of course we’re getting a bit excited about it.

The folk over at Numskull Designs no doubt are too, as they’ve recently revealed their official Borderlands 3 merchandise range which includes four rubber ducks.

We don’t know why rubber ducks that look like Lilith, Moxxi, Tiny Tina or a generic Psycho exist, but now that we’ve seen them we want them. We want to bathe with them, which probably sounds a bit wrong, but hey, what else are they for? They could go on a shelf, we suppose, but then they’d look like ducks out of water (ba-dum tish!).


Anyway, Numskull Designs has more to offer Borderlands 3 fans than just rubber ducks. The full Borderlands 3 range includes everything from figurines to keychains. There really is too much to list right here. All we say is that if you love Borderlands you should visit the Numskull Designs website and take a perusal. The Borderlands 3 range launches alongside the game on 13th September, but you can preorder anything that takes your fancy right now.

You can take a look at the Borderlands 3 ducks below, then make sure to visit Numskull Designs website to view the full range.