WRC 8 Will Have a Redesigned Career Mode

WRC 8 (1)

When it comes to rally games, I spend most of my time in their career modes. And it appears that I’m not the only one, with KT Racing doubling down on its career mode for its upcoming WRC 8.

Aiming to meet the expectations of fans, KT Racing has redesigned the career mode for WRC 8, hopefully making it deeper and more rewarding.

From season to season, players will need to manage their calendar, deciding whether to rest, train or take part in special events between rallies. They’ll also need to make good use of their crew, capitalising on their unique characteristics. And finally, they’ll have to engage in R&D, improving their car’s capabilities and the morale of their team. There’s even going to be a skill tree.


With the last few WRC games being rather good, the news of a redesigned career mode is promising. After all, the series’ career modes have been a bit dull in the past. Along with other improvements such as new off-road physics for all surfaces, WRC 8 might just prove to be a must-have for rally fans. It’ll be available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC this September. A Trailer for the game’s career mode can be watched below.