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Yuzo Koshiro is Contributing Music to Streets of Rage 4

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Dotemu and Lizardcube have today revealed that that Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima will be composing music for the upcoming Streets of Rage 4 along with a lineup of other legendary Japanese game composers.

The video below reveals Yuzo Koshiro’s and Motohiro Kawashima’s thoughts on returning to produce music for the series, as well as working with others. Did you know that Yuzo Koshiro pitched a Streets of Rage sequel, for example? And that SEGA wanted the original game to be better than Street Fighter? Give it a watch and find out more.

Streets of Rage 4 will feature music by Yuzo Koshiro, Motohiro Kawashima, Yoko Shimomura, Hideki Naganuma, and Keiji Yamagishi. Between them, they’ve created music for games such as Street Fighter 2, Jet Set Radio, Ninja Gaiden, Batman Returns, and of course, Streets of Rage. With that line-up, we’re sure that the Streets of Rage 4 soundtrack will have us tapping our feet and bobbing our heads. We can’t wait to give it a listen when the game releases. Whenever that is.

More information and surprises about the Streets of Rage 4 soundtrack are apparently going to be revealed in the future.  We can’t wait.

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