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10 Changes Fans Want to See in Fifa 20

Fifa 20: the beautiful game that’s looking exactly the same…

The Fifa franchise is the sixth best-selling game series of all time with 260 million copies sold. Fifa 19 sold over four million copies in its first week of release.

Those types of numbers put the transfer prices for the likes of Neymar and Pogba to shame. For over 20 years, the Fifa series has gone strong, and in recent years EA has always aimed to include a new feature in each release. Whether it’s a gameplay feature like first touch control, the revolutionary Ultimate Team Mode, or even The Journey, EA seemingly always tries to bring something new to the table. 

Fifa 20 looks to be no different, with the inclusion of VOLTA football. Fifa is returning to the streets, but quite honestly, that’s not enough. For years now the franchise has felt stale, and it’s time for a change. It’s high time Fifa goes for something new, like a team facing relegation who hire an exciting new young manager to turn their fortunes around. 

Click on through to see the 10 changes we want to see in Fifa 20; the actual changes Fifa fans have been crying out for. 

A better career Mode 

Fifa 2004 was one of the first in the series to have a dedicated Career Mode (then known as Manager Mode). Before this, players simply had the option to play in Seasons Mode, which offered very few actual decisions for the player outside of the matches and the buying of players. Even selling players was completely unrealistic: pick a player you don’t want, choose a team to send them to, and you get the money. The Manager Mode was a brilliant addition. 

But since then, the Career Mode hasn’t really improved. There have been slight additions, with the transfer market in particular having a big overhaul, but it’s all too much of the same. It’s about time the Career Mode got a big improvement, and it should happen with Fifa 20. 

Build on The Journey 

The Journey was first introduced in Fifa 17 and it was a huge success. Players got to take on the role of Alex Hunter and follow his passage through the Premier League and Championship. It gave a great insight in to the life of a footballer and added a much needed new feature to the Fifa franchise. The trilogy finished with Fifa 19, and made Kim Hunter a playable character. 

Fifa 20 should build on this feature by adding a variety of new journeys to follow and play through. Of course, it’s unreasonable to want EA to create a mode where there’s a compelling story over the span of more than one season, but scenarios could easily be created that can be followed. For example, you take control of a young player trying to break through, or a player coming back from injury, or a player trying to adjust to a new setting. Each could offer new experiences and challenges, and after the main ‘story’ is over, let the player control them for the rest of their career in a more styled down format like Seasons mode. Fifa 20 needs to provide reasons to want to return to the game. 

Carry over from Fifa 19’s Ultimate Team 

There’s nothing more frustrating in Fifa than having to start over from scratch in Ultimate Team. You’ve spent a whole season putting time and effort in to the team (and in some cases actual money) and then it’s all lost. It’s a ridiculous system. 

Obviously, there’d be problems with being able to use the exact same team as in the previous game. It would be unfair to new players and could cause issues with players moving to new clubs. But there should be a bigger incentive, like coins being transferred over, or at the very least the identity of the team. Losing everything is a big kick in the teeth to every Ultimate Team player. 

Make the gameplay more realistic 

How many real games of football actually take place like a Fifa game? Not many. Sure, commentators may compare David Luiz to a Fifa player, but in reality Fifa seems to have lost touch with the actual beautiful game. Players who are experienced with Fifa know the tricks of the game and the patterns of the AI, and can use that to their advantage. 

Two-on-one situations rarely happen with a keeper in real life. But it feels like every single Fifa game played online or in local multiplayer involves a situation where it happens. In real games wingers either cross the ball in early or cut in; they don’t run to the end of the pitch, the dribble in line with the goal posts to just pass diagonally to a free player. But again, this happens all too often in Fifa games. It’s not authentic and it doesn’t reflect the beautiful game. Patterns on gameplay like this need to be solved. 

Change Fifa’s Transfer Mode

Fifa games of old used to allow players to search the transfer market freely. It was a really simple and easy format for those who didn’t want too much of the ‘managerial’ experience. But now pretty much all players have their stats hidden unless they’re scouted. It may be realistic, but it also favours big name teams and players. Manage a Premier League side and you already know the types of players to buy, but manage a League 2 side and signing a good player becomes really challenging. 

Plus, getting players to actually join your club can be far too easy. So many good players are willing to drop down a division if paid enough. But, then, mediocre players will suddenly decide they don’t want to be sold. The whole system needs a revamp, and it should happen in Fifa 20. 

More realistic attributes   

As a proud supporter of a League 1 side in England and my local team in the Canadian Premier League, I know the difference between great and average players. I know that someone like Giroud is going to have better attributes than all players in League 1, but the scaling down is just far too noticeable. 

Players from lower leagues score goals too: a lot of them in fact. They can also pass accurately and tackle well. Some can even out-pace Premier League players. They are still  professionals, after all. But play as a lower league side in Fifa and shots go off target for no reason, simple passes get misplaced, and players have no pace and tire out after 20 minutes. It’s just not realistic, and really dents the enjoyment of playing as a lower league side. Even if you’re not a supporter of lower league side in real life, taking a smaller team to a top league is one of the main joys of Fifa’s career mode, and it needs to be fixed in Fifa 20. 

The ability to make Career Mode more challenging 

We’ve already stated that Fifa 20 should allow players to experience a simplified style of game. But it works the other way too. If a player thinks they’re a young Klopp then they should be able to fully challenge themselves and immerse themselves in to the the experience. 

Players have very little control of the budget, training routines, back-room staff or press conferences. These are elements that should be added to Fifa 20 to help build a more engaging experience. It could also add new dimensions to the style of gameplay, that could make it more challenging for those who are experienced Fifa players are bored of the standard formula. 

Improve player training 

Improving players through training is one of the most boring parts to Career Mode and The Journey. Instead of the thrill of improving your player (like gaining levels in an RPG), Fifa offers a repetitive rotation of boring routines that are a chore to play through. There’s no variety, and it’s something that needs to be addressed in Fifa 20. 

Likewise, can we please have the ability to train more than just five players a week? I may not be a top football coach, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. Fifa 20 should include whole squad training, with options to also train certain positions when needed, and then allow extra training for the chosen five players. 

Kick off goals need to be scrapped. Quickly. 

“You’re most vulnerable to concede a goal when you’ve just scored.” This is one of the most overused cliches in all of football commentary, but it’s too true in Fifa. Going back years, whether playing online or in local multiplayer, after a kick-off your team just completely forgets how to defend. 

Why is this? Why do the midfield just disappear and defenders just allow players to run past them? This is not a ‘git gud’ situation as it’s all too prevalent. It completely ruins the sense of competition and authenticity, and needs to be addressed in Fifa 20.  

Implement a chemistry system for all tactics 

One of the best features in Ultimate Team is the chemistry rating. It tracks how much chemistry there is between the players (based on their club, league, and nationality) and it makes a real difference to how the team plays. This is something that should be expanded on for Fifa 20 and rolled out to all game modes. 

In Career Mode, for example, players on the pitch could build relationships together based on how many games they’ve played together, or their stats together. It could even feature real-life situations like if they’ve played together in the past or not. This would help make tactics more realistic and impactful on the pitch, and could add another dimension to how you choose the team and which players you buy.

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