2Gears Pop

Gears Pop (1)

Available on Android and iOS

Total achievement points: 1000G

Price: free

Yes, Gears Pop – as in Gears of War, and Funko Pops. It’s a brand new game from Microsoft Studios, turning characters from the Gears of War franchise into the big-headed Pop figures we all love/hate. It’s a combat strategy game that sees your team face off against another. Your goal is to make your way up the screen towards the enemy, claiming the map by taking cover as you go. The first player to take down the opponent’s group leader is the winner.

There’s a bunch of different modes, too, from a two-player horde mode, a practice mode and a boot camp that offers challenges against the CPU. There’s a lot to stick your teeth into, and with 1,000 gamerscore points to earn, it’s well worth investing some time into. It’s early days for the game yet, but it seems like a lot of fun.