Ashen is Coming to PS4 and Switch in December

Ashen (1)

Open-world action RPG Ashen will be arriving on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 9th, as well as branching onto Steam and GoG for PC.

Ashen is set in a dark and oppressive landscape, with a focus on exploration and stamina based third-person combat.

And while many of Ashen‘s mechanics still carry the security tag from when A44 stole them from Dark Souls, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a look.


With unique and stylish art direction, solid atmosphere and a stronger emphasis on character interaction, Ashen actually manages to set itself apart from the Souls series and become an engaging game in its own right.

Developed by New Zealand-based studio A44, Ashen was released at the end of last year exclusively for Xbox One and the Epic Games Store.

If you haven’t been able to play it yet then you should definitely grab it for your preferred platform on December 9th. Watch the launch trailer below.