Borderlands Creeps Into Fortnite in the FortniteXMayhem Event

Fortnite Borderlands FortniteXMayhem

Fortnite has teamed up with Borderlands 3 to bring us a chaotic two-week long event, bringing battle royale to the desert planet of Pandora.

Up until September 10th, the event, dubbed ‘FortniteXMayhem, will allow Fortnite players can enter the Pandora Rift Zone, where they can create their own versions of Pandora using new Prefab structures. There are also some new ‘Welcome to Pandora’ challenges, which give players the opportunity to win more Borderlands-themed rewards.

There is also a new Psycho cosmetic bundle available which includes the Psycho Bandit Outfit with its signature mask, the Psycho Buzz Axes and even your own little Claptrap Pet to carry around on your back making wisecrack remarks.


The Psycho cosmetics pack will unlock for free if you buy any edition of Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games Store, and people who have pre-purchased will get it automatically. No need to panic though, this offer is not limited to just the duration of the FortniteXMayhem event, it will be running way up until December 2020.

Borderlands 3 will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia on September 13th. Check out the FortniteXMayhem trailer below. It looks so much fun, it’s a shame it’s only running for a fortnight… OH, BECAUSE IT’S FORTNITE. I get it now.