Can Julia Survive in The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan?

Can Julia survive The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan? Or is Brad going to lose the love of his life?

Man of Medan, the first entry in Supermassive’s Dark Pictures Anthology, puts all your characters in mortal peril. Taking place at sea, the game’s group of five, all in your control at some point, stumble across an abandoned WWII ship. The moment you step on board, you know things aren’t going to go well.

Some of Man of Medan‘s characters may live, some may die. Exactly how their fates play out depends on the choices you make. Julia can survive the game, as can all the characters, but her fate can hinge on the smallest thing.


Julia is Alex’s fiance, and as such is one half of the diving team of Man of Medan. She can survive the game, although a number of events may change her fate for the worst.

One key decision early on in the game can seal Julia’s fate without you realising: when Julia and Alex are diving, you’ll have the option to rush up to the surface, or stay below to equalise. If you rush up, there’s no immediate consequences – but Julia will pay the price for it later.

The biggest challenge, however, is getting all your characters through alive. Even if Julia survives, she’s going to have a rough time if Brad ends up at the bottom of Davy Jones’s locker.

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