Can You Play Man of Medan in Split-Screen Co-Op?

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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan supports multiplayer, but can you play the game in offline split-screen mode?

The latest horror game to come from Supermassive Games, Man of Medan boasts of having multiplayer functionality. Until Dawn was great, but fans bemoaned the lack of co-op options. Thankfully, Supermassive heard their cries and have included a couple of multiplayer options in Man of Medan.

Unfortunately, strictly speaking, there’s no local split-screen co-op. The game’s co-operative mode requires an online connection, where two players take control of two different characters at any one time. Each player is seeing a completely different scene and controlling a different character. Their choices will affect each other, but they’re not exactly working together.

However, Man of Medan‘s Movie Night mode does allow for multiple people to enjoy the game together while in the same room. Choose to play with someone else and you’ll be asked which characters you each to want to control. Up to five players can play, each controlling one or more characters. Then, when the game switches to another character, you pass the Xbox, PS4 or PC controller to the named player and they control that character.

Playing Man of Medan in couch co-op mode risks breaking up friendships – the survival of characters can hinge on decisions that other players have made. You have been warned!

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