Co-op Railway Builder Unrailed! Coming Soon to PC

Unrailed! is going full steam ahead, with early access to the Co-op railway construction game coming on September 9th.

In Unrailed! you and your friends must gather resources, build a track and maintain your train as it travels slowly through an endless procedurally-generated world.

There are lots of different terrains and obstacles that you will need to get past, so each player has to know exactly what their job is to keep the engine going. If the train reaches the end of the track, game over!

Running out of resources, steering your rails into a dead end and your engine catching on fire are just some of the threats you need to consider while co-ordinating your efforts, so teamwork is key. You can join up with other players online, or you can play it locally as a couch co-op game.

Unrailed! is the first game from Indoor Astronaut, a small indie studio based in Switzerland. The development team plan to deliver a full release of the game after 3-6 months of early access, using that time to refine and polish the experience. If you are the kind of person who loves getting together with some gamer friends for a simple, fun challenge; Unrailed! is one to keep your eye on.

Unrailed! is coming exclusively to Steam early access on September 9th.