Does Control Have Multiplayer?

Control 5 (1)

Like the developer’s past titles, Remedy’s Control is a story-driven third-person shooter.

With every game generally having multiplayer features shoehorned into them these days, though, you might be wondering if Control has any modes that allow you to play with or against other people.

The answer is no. Control is very much a strict single-player affair. It has no multiplayer features whatsoever, so if you’re thinking about buying it bare that in mind. Some people will love that it’s single-player only, and it truly is a great game. But those who like games that allow them to compete with others online when they’re bored or have completed the campaign will be disappointed.


Honestly, though, it’s to be expected. All of Remedy’s big games have been single-player only up to now. Just imagine if Remedy did make a multiplayer shooter though. Wouldn’t it be great? Maybe its next game will have multiplayer features. Though we wouldn’t bet on it.