Doraemon Story of Seasons Now Has a Release Date

Doraemon Story of Seasons

Rejoice, fans of twee farming simulator games, as Doraemon Story of Seasons finally has a release date.

Combining the gameplay of the Story of Seasons series with the characters of the Doraemon franchise, Doraemon Story of Seasons‘ premise finds Nobita and his friends transported to Shizen Town after planting a mysterious seed. Granted the use of a farm by a resident of the town, as Nobita you’ll be expected to carry out all the usual farming activities such as growing crops and taking care of animals until you find a way to get back home. A trailer for the game can be watched below.

If you think that Doraemon Story of Seasons looks and sounds a lot like a Harvest Moon game, that’s because it essentially is. Its developer, Marvelous, previously worked on the Harvest Moon series, but after splitting with publisher Natsume it couldn’t continue using the name. So, if you’re fond of the Harvest Moon games, Doraemon Story of Seasons should definitely be on your radar.

Doraemon Story of Seasons will launch for Switch and PC on 11th October.