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Face Pre-Match Press Confereces in FIFA 20’s Career Mode

EA has recently released details on some of the new features coming to FIFA 20‘s career mode, promising more depth and authenticity to the single player experience.

Some of the new features in FIFA 20 detailed on the EA website include pre-match press conferences and 1-on-1 player conversations.

These features are both based around a new player morale system, whereby the answers you give at press events and in text conversations will affect the morale of your players, which may in turn affect their stats and attributes when they play.

Another new feature is the ability to fully customise your manager’s appearance and clothing, as well as being able to choose whether your avatar is male or female. The news coverage in game will also incorporate screenshots from your gameplay, and there are several other changes from menu themes to balancing improvements. EA claims that the features have come from listening to the feedback from the community, and they hope that FIFA 20 is a milestone for FIFA and especially for career mode fans.

FIFA 20 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on September 27th.

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