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Get a Toddler-Sized Alien With Destroy All Humans! Crypto-137 Edition

Destroy All Humans!

We were already excited for the remake of Destroy All Humans! arriving early next year, but now we’re very excited about it. And the reason is a 60cm tall statue of its alien protagonist, Crypto-137.

Just announced, two special editions of Destroy All Humans! will be available at the game’s launch. At £139.99/$149.99, the DNA Collector’s Edition is the cheapest of the two, which includes a 23cm tall Crypto ‘N’ Cow figurine, a keychain, 6 lithographs, an eye-popping anti-stress toy, all in-game Crypto skins and of course a copy of Destroy All Humans! all packed up in a premium box. The video below shows everything off if you’d like a good look at it.

Even better though, and even more expensive, is the Crypto-137 Edition.

Priced at a whopping £349.99/$399.99, the Crypto-137 Edition of Destroy All Humans! includes the keychain, lithographs, anti-stress toy and in-game Crypto skins that the DNA Collector’s Edition does, but then also a couple of nifty items of its own. A Crypto backpack is one of the items, which when worn looks like you’re giving an alien a piggyback. Would we wear it anywhere? No. But we still very much want it. We want the 60cm tall Crypto-137 statue that’s also included in the Crypto-137 Edition even more though. It looks phenomenal, although we don’t know where we’d put it. Once again, the Crypto-137 Edition of Destroy All Humans! also comes with a copy of the game and a premium box. A video showing off its contents in more detail can be watched below.

Both special editions of Destroy All Humans! are available for pre-order right now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, alongside the much cheaper standard edition of the game.

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