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Destroy All Humans!

Get a Toddler-Sized Alien With Destroy All Humans! Crypto-137 Edition

We were already excited for the remake of Destroy All Humans! arriving early next year, but now we’re very excited about it. And the reason is a 60cm tall statue of its alien protagonist, Crypto-137.

Just announced, two special editions of Destroy All Humans! will be available at the game’s launch. At £139.99/$149.99, the DNA Collector’s Edition is the cheapest of the two, which includes a 23cm tall Crypto ‘N’ Cow figurine, a keychain, 6 lithographs, an eye-popping anti-stress toy, all in-game Crypto skins and of course a copy of Destroy All Humans! all packed up in a premium box. The video below shows everything off if you’d like a good look at it.


Even better though, and even more expensive, is the Crypto-137 Edition.

Priced at a whopping £349.99/$399.99, the Crypto-137 Edition of Destroy All Humans! includes the keychain, lithographs, anti-stress toy and in-game Crypto skins that the DNA Collector’s Edition does, but then also a couple of nifty items of its own. A Crypto backpack is one of the items, which when worn looks like you’re giving an alien a piggyback. Would we wear it anywhere? No. But we still very much want it. We want the 60cm tall Crypto-137 statue that’s also included in the Crypto-137 Edition even more though. It looks phenomenal, although we don’t know where we’d put it. Once again, the Crypto-137 Edition of Destroy All Humans! also comes with a copy of the game and a premium box. A video showing off its contents in more detail can be watched below.


Both special editions of Destroy All Humans! are available for pre-order right now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, alongside the much cheaper standard edition of the game.

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