Get Exclusive Skins in Killsquad’s Summer Event


Killsquad, the sci-fi ARPG available in early access on Steam, has kicked off its first official summer event.

Players will be able to collect festival tokens for the Killsquad summer event by completing specific contracts in the game. If you collect enough tokens you can exchange them for exclusive character skins, which will only be up for grabs until the end of the event on September 20th.

A skin for a new character will be available each week, starting with the warrior nun Cass.

In Killsquad, players enter a world of bounty hunters (the titular killsquads). Gameplay has a strong four player co-op focus, with players able to play with their friends, or tag along with complete strangers to complete their contracts. It’s developed by Spanish studio Novarama, who was previously best known for the augmented reality game series Invizimals.

Though the game is still in early access, Killsquad hit the top seller list on Steam for its first week of release, and has attracted a significant number of players. If you’ve been hesitating on giving the game a go, this summer event might be the perfect opportunity.

Killsquad is available on Steam early access.