Get Gears of War-Inspired Tattoos at Global ‘Gears Ink’ Events

Gears Ink

If you love Gears of War enough to get your skin permanently marked with some of your favourite Gears iconography, then you’re going to want to know about these events.

To celebrate the launch of Gears 5, Xbox is hosting pop-up events all around the world between September 4th and September 6th, where you can get Gears-inspired ink from bespoke tattoo artists.

There will be Gears Ink events happening in LA, London, Berlin, Paris, Mexico City and Melbourne – but if you can’t make it to any of these in person, you will be able to watch an Xbox livestream from each event on Mixer.


If you’re excited about Gears 5, but not quite excited enough to permanently alter your body, that’s fine too. Fans at each free Gears Ink event will also be able to try out the game before anyone else, and you’re not even required to get stabbed with an electric needle.

If you’re interested in attending your local Gears Ink event, you need to register here and check out all the details of when and where it’ll be taking place.

Gears 5 will be coming to Xbox One and Windows PC on September 10th, with access starting on the 6th for players who opt for the Ultimate Edition (or for those who subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate).

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