Go to Bullet Heaven with the Psikyo Shooting Stars Collections


Psikyo is releasing 12 titles from its catalogue of classic arcade shoot-em-ups with two collections next year on Nintendo Switch: Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha and Bravo.

If you were the type of person who would spend all their free time at the arcade, piloting spaceships and fighter planes, dodging bullets, bombs and laser beams, then this is the bundle for you.

Psikyo was a titan of arcade shoot ’em ups in the 90s, but of course not very many of those old machines are still around, and the games were lost to history. Until now.


Each of the two Psikyo Shooting Stars collections, Alpha and Bravo, will feature six arcade shoot ’em ups. Some of the titles include Dragon Blaze, Gunbird, Strikers 1945, Tengai and more. Each game can be played normally on horizontal screens, or you can flip them vertically for that classic, old-school feel.

The two collections will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch, and are set to be available in early 2020. However you can pre-order limited edtions of both collections now that come with art cards, soundtrack CDs, schematics and more cool stuff. Check out the trailer below.