Horror Game Spirit Hunter: NG Coming to Scare You This October

Spirit Hunter NG

With Halloween fast approaching, get ready for some upcoming horror games.

Aksys Games has announced that the follow up to the award-winning Spirit Hunter: Death Mark, Spirit Hunter: NG will be launching on October 10th for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Vita via digital download.

This new addition to the series will feature a brand new cast of characters as they battle the horrifying terrors that hide in the shadows around Tokyo.


Spirit Hunter: NG focuses on the life of a cursed young man on a quest to discover what happened to his missing little sister. Players will have to team up with people who might not be exactly trustworthy, face terrifying spirits, and make some quick choices that will all effect the outcome of the game.

Players will find themselves searching for clues via flashlight in order to solve the game’s most complicated mysteries. It combines visual novel-style visuals with horror game detail to create an experience that’ll hopefully send shivers down your spine.

Spirit Hunter NG is set to release on October 10th. Check out the spooky trailer below.