How Long Does it Take to Beat Control?

Control 1 (1)

If you’re thinking of picking up Remedy’s Control, which you should be doing because it’s rather excellent, you might be wondering how long it takes to beat.

Unlike Remedy’s previous games such as Alan Wake and Quantum Break, Control isn’t a linear experience. Let loose in The Oldest House, you’re free to explore whenever you want, engaging in random encounters and discovering secrets. Therefore, the time it will take you to beat it depends on how you play.

Run through Control‘s story missions, of which there are 10, and you’re likely to finish the game in just under 10 hours. If you’re speedrunning the game, you can probably take another few hours off that time, too. If you’re playing Control for the first time though, it’s not the ideal approach.


Control‘s world just begs to be explored, and those who do will find plenty of documents which can be read to add more layers to the game’s story. Control also has many side-mission to be discovered, many of which are great, and impromptu events to be completed such as Bureau Alerts. Taking all these into consideration, those who beat the game at a steady pace while also engaging in some side content will likely find themselves spending about 15 hours with Control.

Of course, those who want to see and do everything that Control has to offer will spend the most time with the game. Completing all story and side-missions is likely to take most players about 20 hours. By then, players will have probably fully upgraded the Service Weapon forms, too, and unlocked all of Jesse’s abilities. If they haven’t, then more time can be spent completing Bureau Alerts and challenges.

Needless to say, Control isn’t light on content. In fact, it’s probably Remedy’s biggest game yet. If you’re looking for a third-person shooter with a great story and even better action, be sure to pick it up.