How to Answer the Hotline in Control

Control 5 (1)

If you’re playing through Control, you might be stuck trying to answer the Hotline fairly early into the game.

Luckily, we can help.

After defeating Tommasi in Control you’ll need to answer the Hotline, which you can constantly hear ringing. The only problem is, you find yourself faced with massive chasm with no clear way to cross. There is a pull chain light switch, however.

Control has a fascination with the number three, and so whenever you come across a pull chain light switch it’s a good idea to pull it three times. Do so with the one in front of the chasm, and you’ll find yourself transported to the Oceanview Motel.

Move up into the reception of the Motel and you’ll find a desk with a bell on it. If you press it you may think that it doesn’t do anything, but it does. Every time you press it, a different door opens in the corridor to the left of it. Press the bell three times to open the door at the far end of the corridor. Head into that room, and you’ll find some keys laying on a table. Pick them up.

With the keys, leave the room and head on over to the corridor at the opposite side. The keys will open the door with the Black Pyramid on it. Enter the room and you’ll find another pull chain light switch. Pull it three times and you’ll leave the Oceanview Motel and find yourself back at the Oldest House. But where there was once a chasm, there’ll now be a walkway.

Travel across the walkway and you’re finally able to enter the room and answer the Hotline. After a short conversation, you’ll find yourself in a mysterious location in which you’re asked to use the Hotline. Simply avoid the weird creatures that look like spinning clusters of rock, and once again make your way to the Hotline.

After reaching the Hotline in the mysterious location, it becomes available for use in Control. Give it a try when you want to contact members of the Board or creatures from other dimensions.