How to Become a Platinum Bank Customer in RAD

platinum bank customer in Rad

RAD has a banking system that allows you to carry over any earned money from one game to the next. Here’s everything you need to know about it, and how to become a platinum bank customer.

In RAD‘s hub world, you’ll find a machine that lets you deposit your cassettes – the in-game currency – and another that lets you withdraw it. It’s a very handy tool as it allows you to save money even after you die, and pick it up again in a new game.

Aside from weapons you unlock as you play, the money you’ve banked is the only thing you can carry over from one game to the next. That is, of course, providing you remember to deposit it before you die.


You’ll also find bank machines dotted around levels, but you’ll probably notice these aren’t usable unless you’re a “platinum customer”. But how do you become a platinum bank customer in RAD?

It’s actually pretty straightforward: as soon as you’ve deposited over 100 cassettes in the bank back in RAD‘s hub world, you’ll automatically be upgraded to platinum status. This means you can begin using the bank machines in levels to withdraw money if you need it.

You’ll continue to upgrade your bank customer status as you deposit more cash. These upgrades will also allow you to charge to your bank from a shop if you don’t have enough cash on you (although this incurs a fee). So there’s nothing special you need to do to become a platinum bank customer in RAD; simply play through the game and deposit your money, and you’ll automatically be upgraded.