How to Change the Difficulty in RAD

As a Rogue-like game, RAD is inherently difficult. But there are ways you can make it a bit easier for yourself. Here’s how.

Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward options in order to change the difficulty in RAD before you start a new game.

There’s no easy, normal, or hard modes. The game is the same for everyone – unless you tweak the assist features hidden in the menu.


The assist features allow you to change the difficulty in RAD by toggling on a number of helpful options. There are five altogether, and you can turn as many (or as few) on as you like.

In order to access the assist features in RAD, go to ‘options’ on the main screen (or press the ‘options’ button in game in order to bring up the pause menu, and select ‘options’ from there). Next, go to ‘gameplay’. On there, you’ll see an option for assist features down at the bottom. On Xbox One, press ‘X’ to access these. Press square on PS4, and Y on Switch.

The assist features you can enable are:

  • No damage from cliff falls
  • Increased attack power
  • Start with Bank Pack artifact in inventory
  • Extra starting health
  • Start with ranged exo mutation

Each of these things gives you a much better chance at surviving RAD‘s tough world. Enabling ‘extra starting health’ gives you six hearts to begin with, instead of just three. And the Bank Pack artifact means that half of any unbanked money will automatically go to the bank if you die. The rest are self-explanatory.

You may wish to play RAD as it was intended, and battle through without the assist features. But they’re there for a reason. If you’re struggling to survive, fed up of dying regularly, and desperate for a ranged attack mutation to drop first, it’s worth thinking about turning RAD‘s assist features on.