How to Get the SMG in Remnant: From the Ashes

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The Repeater Pistol is a decent sidearm in Remnant: From the Ashes, but if you want something different, did you know that you can grab an SMG for free early on?

With its impressive rate of fire, the SMG is definitely worth grabbing if you want to tear enemies to shreds at fairly close range. Combine it with the mod that sets enemies on fire and you’re really onto a winner. But how do you get it?

When you leave Ward 13 for the first time in Remnant: From the Ashes, you’ll enter a room with the Ward 13 Keycard on a table. Pick it up. Then, when you find a checkpoint, warp back to Ward 13.


With the Ward 13 Keycard in your inventory, head to the stairs you went down to start up the reactor during the game’s introductory section. Keep going down to B2 and enter the room. You should be able to use the Ward 13 Keycard to open up the double doors. Explore this level and you’ll find the Elder Knowledge Trait and some other goodies. You’ll also find a fuse.

With the fuse, head back to the stairs and go down one more level to B3. Place the fuse in the fuse box and turn the power back on. You should now be able to use the Ward 13 Keycard to open up another door on B3. Explore the level to pick up any useful items, then return to the fusebox and turn the power back off. Go back through the door you open once again and turn to your left. You should notice that you can now get though the fan that has stopped moving. In a room behind the fan you’ll find the Ward 13 Master Key.

Now that you have the Ward 13 Master Key, go back up the stairs to B2 level. There’s a door on this level that you can now open with the key, and inside is the SMG. Equip it, and your time with Remnant: From with Ashes might just get a little more interesting.

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