How to Level Up in Gears POP!

Gears Pop (1)

If you want to unlock Horde Mode and make serious progress in Gears POP!, you’re going to need to level up.

Your level in Gears POP! is closely tied to the power of your units, called Pins. You start out with a small selection of Pins, and they’re all level one. To increase your level, you need to power up your pins.

Pins can be levelled up by collecting multiple copies of them. To do that, you need to earn Gear Packs. When you open Gear Packs, you obtain a number of coins and also a selection of Pins. While you might only get one copy of a Pin if it’s Elite class, if you get a Common Pin, chances are you’ll obtain quite a few copies at the same time.

Head over to the Pin management tab on the Gears POP! main menu, and you’ll notice that below each Pin is a bar with a number like 1/6. That means that six copies of the Pin are required to upgrade it, and you have one. When you have enough copies of a Pin to upgrade it, the bar will turn green.

Click on a Pin when you have enough copies of it to perform an upgrade, and you’ll see that you can upgrade the Pin for a small number of coins. Carrying on through the process, you get to see a preview of how levelling up the Pin will improve it, as well as a shield that denotes how much experience you’ll earn towards your next main level.

Level up enough Pins in Gears POP! and you’ll improve your overall level, opening up more gameplay opportunities.