How to Save Your Game in Control

Control 3 (1)

Unless you’ve got nothing else to do, chances are you aren’t going to complete Control in one sitting.

With that in mind, you’re likely to want to turn the game off at some point, and you aren’t going to want to lose any progress, are you?

Like most games these days, Control features an autosave system. And you have to rely on it as there’s no way to manually save your game. Or at least not explicitly, anyway.

As you explore The Oldest House in Control, you’ll discover Control Points every once in a  while. They’re basically circles drawn on the floor. Activating them for the first time generally cleanses the area that it’s in, making the environment a little more hospitable.

Every time you interact with a Control Point, your progress in Control is saved. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to quit the game once you’ve reached a new Control Point or have returned to one. A little swirly symbol can be seen on the lower right hand side of the screen when Control is saving your progress.

If you do need to quit the game while away from a Control Point, however, don’t worry. By going into the game’s menu and selecting “Quit to Main Menu”, Control saves any collectables you’ve picked up as well as mods and skill points that you’ve acquired. When you resume your game though, you’ll find yourself back at the last Control Point you visited.

So, if you don’t want to lose any progress in Control, just make sure you quit the game properly and visit Control Points regularly.