How to Save Your Game in RAD

save your game in RAD

Wondering how to save your game in RAD, the new Rogue-like from Double Fine and Bandai Namco? Here’s everything you need to know.

The nature of RAD means that death is permanent: once you die, that’s it. Back to the beginning you go. So creating a number of save files to let you jump back to a point in time before you die isn’t feasible. But you can save your game in RAD at any point if you need to turn off the game part way through an adventure.

Saving your game in RAD is as simple as hitting the options button and bringing up the ‘pause’ menu. On there, you’ll see an option that says “save and quit”.


However, doing this won’t save all your progress. If you save while you’re in the hub – the place you can visit between each level – you’ll start back where you left off. But if you save part way through a level, you’ll lose any progress you’ve made so far on that level. And as it’s procedurally generated, it might be slightly different the next time round.

You’ll keep your progress up until that point, though, so any money you earned, mutations you unlocked and items you had equipped before you started the level will carry over. It’s always wise to finish a level and travel back to the hub world before saving, though, so you know you won’t lose any progress at all.