How to Unlock New Characters in RAD

unlock new characters in rad

When you start a new game of RAD, you’ll be asked to select a character. However, some of these are locked. Here’s how to unlock them.

To begin with, you can choose between four characters in RAD. There’s a number more on the character select screen, but when you’re first starting out, these will be locked.

Don’t worry though: new characters are unlocked at a steady pace as you play through RAD. They’ll unlock automatically as you complete more runs of the game.

Each run, no matter how successful it is, gains you an amount of XP. That XP is used to unlock certain things in the game. You’ll unlock new starting weapons, more mutations and items that’ll appear in the game and, indeed, new characters.

So: the more you play of RAD, the quicker you’ll unlock new characters. Of course, the further you get in a run, the more XP you’ll gain. So if you’re in a rush to unlock new characters in RAD, it pays to practice.

It’s worth noting, though, that the characters in RAD are purely aesthetic. New characters don’t give you any extra perks or abilities. Other than looking different, each character plays the same. It’s through quirks, weapons and mutations that your gameplay experience will change the most.