How to Unlock the Levitate Ability in Control

Control 4 (1)

It’s no secret that you can unlock the ability to levitate in Control, and if you’ve been exploring The Oldest House you might have found some areas where it’s required to proceed.

Being able to levitate is not only fun, but it’s useful, too. By levitating, you can access hidden areas high up above, more effectively take the fight to airborne enemies, and fall great heights without being hurt. But how do you unlock the ability to levitate in Control?

You unlock the ability to levitate in Control as you make your way through the game’s story. It’s an unmissable ability. Without spoiling anything, you unlock the ability during the game’s sixth story mission, so if you’ve hit a dead end before then and need to be able to levitate to progress, carry on the game’s story.

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to levitate in Control, you can use the skill points you earn by completing missions and finding hidden areas to improve it. You can increase the time you can spend in the air before you start to fall, and unlock a powerful ground pound attack that decimates enemies below you. Consider upgrading the levitate ability if you’re going to use it frequently.