Life is Strange 2 Episode 4 “Faith” Releases Today

life is strange 2 episode 4

The drama increases in Episode four of Life is Strange 2.

Join the Diaz brother once again on their journey to a new life in the most recent episode of Life is Strange 2.

Out today, 22nd August, episode 4 “Faith” finds Sean at his lowest point of the season. He lays gravely injured in a Humboldt County hospital, separated from his brother Daniel. Under arrest and dealing with questions from the police, Sean will have to rely on his quick-thinking and unlikely allies to escape.


Our reviewer found Life is Strange 2’s first episode to pretty good stating that “Episode 1 – Roads is a strong introduction to Sean and Daniel’s characters and story. Their bond is portrayed in a realistic manner, and some moments can be highly emotive.” You can read the review here.

From Square Enix External Studios and Raoul Barbet and Michel Koch’s Life is Strange team at DONTNOD Entertainment, this is the second season in the award-winning Life is Strange series. The series is set to have five episodes total.

Things are speeding up and it’s looking to be an incredibly suspenseful ending.

Check out the episode trailer below.