Metro Exodus DLC, The Two Colonels, is Out Now

The Two Colonels is the first story DLC for Metro Exodus, and marks a return to the dark, claustrophobic tension of earlier Metro games.

Be aware the following may contain spoilers for Metro Exodus.

In the tunnels beneath the dead city of Novosibirsk, the slime is posing more and more of a threat to the people who live there.


Mutant attacks are becoming more frequent, and the ‘green stuff’ that represents the people’s only protection from radiation poisoning is running dangerously low.

Follow the journey of Colonel Khlebnikov, as he makes his way back to see his son on new year’s eve. Colonel Miller retraces Khlebnikov’s steps a year later, revealing the story of his final days.

As well as a gripping new story, The Two Colonels also gives us a new weapon to help fight the monstrosities of the tunnels – a flamethrower. See it in action in the trailer below.

The Two Colonels DLC is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can purchase it separately, and it’s included as part of Metro Exodus‘ expansion pack.

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