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Where to Find Skeleton Kings in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Wondering where to find Skeleton Kings in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot? Here’s everything you need to know.

Occasionally in Mighty Quest, you’ll need to head towards a specific boss or enemy in order to complete a challenge. It isn’t always clear where that enemy is going to be.

The Skeleton King is particularly elusive; he’s not a boss, and you won’t find him at all in the game’s Adventure Mode.

In fact, there’s only one place you can find a Skeleton King: the Keeper’s Coliseum.

You’ll find the Keeper’s Coliseum under the ‘Trials’ menu on the Quest tab. Sadly, you can only complete the Coliseum three times each day, and you’ll only find one skeleton king each time. That means there’s a maximum of three skeleton kings to be killed every day.

Thankfully he’s pretty easy to take down, but you’ll need to survive through waves of other enemy types in the Coliseum before the Skeleton King spawns. There’s no way to autowin the Keeper’s Coliseum either; you have to manually play through the level.

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