Mighty Quest For Epic Loot: How to Complete Epic Pass Week 6 Missions

Wondering how to complete the missions in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’s week six missions? Here’s everything you need to know.

Mobile game Mighty Quest packs in a lot of different challenges for players to complete. Some of the most lucrative of those are part of the Epic Pass.

Each week, new missions are posted, and they offer a lot of rewards to reap. However: the missions are often listed in the form of riddles, and not all of them are too obvious to complete.


Here’s each mission, and what you need to do to complete them. Don’t worry if you don’t complete them all before Week 6 is over; they’ll remain accessible for the duration of Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’s Season 1 (which lasts until mid-September).

Still not completed some missions from previous weeks? Never fear: we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to week one, week two, week three, week four and our guide to week five.

These wizard rats could use some High Voltage treatment

You’ll fine wizard rats in Act 7. Level 7-6 is a great place for this. You’ll need to equip the Thunderstrike skill and go kill 30 of the wizard rats – the enemies wearing red capes. You’ll need to complete the level a couple of times.

Make some room in these Castles. Who needs these furniture anyway?

This one is easy, and you’ll get it as you play through levels without even trying. All you need to do is destroy 120 pieces of ‘furniture’ in the environment – this means boxes, cannons – anything you can destroy in a level that isn’t going to hurt you, basically.

Wear a Gear showing as many stars as you have senses.

You just need to have any piece of gear equipped with a five-star rating.

Go sailing on the 7th ship you see. It shall rain so wear a full water-proof outfit.

This one threw me a little; full water-proof gear – you’d expect to have to wear a full set of water element equipment, right? Wrong. You need to wear nature gear. The seventh ship is Act 6, level 8. All the level markers in Act 6 are shaped like ships, aside from 6-5, therefore the “seventh ship” is level 8. Autowinning the level with a full set of nature gear will do it.

Banish a Banshee with a Wizard weapon.

For this one, you’ll need to equip a staff (the “wizard weapon”) and kill 30 banshees. You’ll find banshees in Act 9, Level 7.

Vegetables are good for you. Vegetable bombs are even better.

For this one, you need to equip the “explosive bloom” skill. Head out into any level and use it to kill enemies. You need to amass 65,000 damage; for me, running through one level and using the bomb as often as I could was enough.

Destroy vehicles. They’re too ahead of our time.

Vehicles count as those annoying cannons on wheels. You’ll find lots of them in Act 7. Act 7, level 6 is a good place – autowinning it a few times will get you the reward.